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Interstate Safety & Environmental, LLC is a private consulting firm established in 2001  to assist companies in their efforts to understand, interpret and comply with current federal and state safety, health and environmental regulations.

Regulations are complex and achieving compliance is often more complicated than simply reading the regulation.  Most OSHA regulations are what are known as “performance oriented”, which means the desired results are stated, but how you are to achieve these results is not clarified in the                         standard.

Interstate Safety & Environmental consultants are able to take you beyond what the regulations are and show you how to comply.  In addition, to avoid spending hours researching a single topic, such as employee training or labeling, our experts can develop a program to meet the varied requirements in a cost effective manner.  We can serve as an effective partner with you in implementing the proper safety and health programs in your workplace.

We serve a number of auto dealerships service and body shop facilities in the St. Louis area as well as other general industry companies in the Midwest.  A client list is available on request.

First Impressions

Incorporate Standards in your Compliance Program

Poor record keeping, lack of written programs, training or no posters indicate

 “your attitude is bad”

That will be OSHA’s, the DNR’s and EPA’s first impression as well.

For a free consultation please contact Jim Bratton at:

Phone: 636-441-4985      Cell: 636-578-5317


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